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I Can See It Clearly 2:54pm 10/19/2017

Dom's Utopia

I Can See It Clearly 2:54pm 10/19/2017

Dominique Thomas

Today I had a vision.

It took me to another universe.

Maybe in the future, maybe in my head, but it was so clear I could smell you. I could feel your arms around my neck as we looked into each other's eyes. You were magnificent. You made me feel like a high school kid living his dream. Dating the queen. Dating the perfect person for me. Others may push you to the side or break your heart because you are intimidating or smarter or prettier then them, but not me. You are everything I've ever asked for and more. Not sure how this happened. Not sure how I found you or you found me, but WOW.   During this vision I saw you reading a book in my room and I smiled so big that I felt my cheeks ache. 


I eventually snapped out of the vision, but I hope that vision becomes a reality soon.