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Dom's Utopia

Two Way Path

Dominique Thomas

Everything that I do is for you. I moved from the east to the west. I flew back and forth just to do what I had to do so that life would be easier and new. Why would you question my love. How could you answer "Will you Marry me" with "I can't do this". Who flipped the switch. How could you switch over night. How can I make this right! These Hot days in July can make fights boil, but not like this. What did I miss? You and I have something above most. My best friend had already prepared the toast. Smiles full of love occurred yesterday from you beautiful face, now that's not the case. Now you need space. Now you need to leave this place. Now it's not worth another moment. Now you want me replaced. Nobody ever wants to admit they were wrong, how could we last for so long and end so quickly. Did you lie to me? Was this a game? Because I'm starting to feel like I'm not the blame for your actions. It seems like you're communicating another conversation that I was never a part of. I told you my feelings but your feelings were balled up. Why fight. Please just be the light I need, Or admit I was just around to appease your greed for everything. Let me walk away with the truth. Because everything I've said is loose without my other half pulling the noose. 


Dom 7-12-17 3:08am