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Stay True to You

Dom's Utopia

Stay True to You

Dominique Thomas

Everyday you wake

Smile for goodness sake

Each day is new

Attack it and stay true


Stay true to you

When skies are gray & when skies are blue

Nothing can hurt you but you

So do what you do


Make these moves

Groove to the tune of the day

Change the beat if it's not going your way

Stay true , stay true to you


Love those you don't understand

Talk to others, build that brand

Do all the things they said you couldn't do

Stay true, stay true


Wipe away the sweat, wipe away the tears

Climb the mountains and conquer your fears

Make it so they don't even need a clue

Stay true to you, stay true


Give more then you take. Stay solid as oak

Make sure you and the fam are always woke

Celebrate the successes you already knew

But most of all, stay true to you