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Disgust 08/18/17 7:55pm

Dom's Utopia

Disgust 08/18/17 7:55pm

Dominique Thomas

a feeling of revulsion or profound disapproval aroused by something unpleasant or offensive


Disgust these days is spelled a little different,

T- for trust that's has grown sour

R-for ruthless attacks ever hour

U-for uneducated believers

M-for mindless leaders

P-for possibly the best thing that could have happened for this country.


We need to talk about these disgusting things in our past, present and future. 

We need to talk and clear up the things people grew to be use to.

Racism is a problem, a sickness created through generations.

It's something that shouldn't even be possible in any of gods beautiful creations.

Speak up, speak out and listen!

Try to understand the things you are missing.

If we don't talk we will remain in the dark.

And In the dark we will always be lost.

When we are lost we can not move in the right direction. 


Turn on the light and speak.