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Aphrodite 08/21/17 2:03am

Dom's Utopia

Aphrodite 08/21/17 2:03am

Dominique Thomas

She's the prettiest girl I know.

I'm mesmerized each time I see the show.

I'm willing to bet she'll never know.

But just for me I needed to explain my glow.


Can't believe it took me this long to fully appreciate her ability to drop the jaws of any man within a quarter mile. Sweet personality and sex appeal so intoxcating I would swear it was 95 proof. 


Every relationship has its problems on both sides, but this girl is flawless. Her Ex-boyfriends must have Sniffed some glue or lead paint when they were younger, because she couldn't make a mistake in my worst nightmare. 


The only way I can describe my level of attraction is to tell you what I believed an angel looked like when I was a young boy. You could compare the description and it's her. 


Flawless may not be the word. Perfection is usually boring and her flaws are actually just as sexy. She has cute insecurities, and she's down to earth. I feel like she view me as an equal. She believes in me and I admire her. I believe in her and she admire me. How is that true, how could someone so gorgeous, so smart, so magnificent; adore me to? Craziness. 


I just hope that she gets what she deserves. Life sometimes just doesn't take the express way and you usually get stuck in traffic on the local streets. I hate having to slow down for the speed bumps every quarter mile. But I feel like if anyone should have to take the street it should be me. She deserves the private jet. 


I could only imagine the love I would get from a woman like that. So Strong, so loyal and passionate about her man. The future looks bright.