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Dating on Jupiter. 11/28/2017 7:20PM

Dom's Utopia

Dating on Jupiter. 11/28/2017 7:20PM

Dominique Thomas

So alone in this busy room.

Over the hill, ready to consume.

Usual Suspects behind pretty smiles.

Thorough explanations, long list for miles.

Happy, then sad. Good, then bad.

Eager for more, just wanna live for a tad.

Real life hurts, but movies pay the bill.

Never able to slow down and chill.


Caught by surprise, I can’t believe my eyes.

A girl just for me. No games, no lies.

Laughed at the old me, BOY did I suck.

It’s refreshing to step outside and embrace this luck.

Forgot how easy it is to walk in these shoes.

Only memories of pain and sex created the blues.

Running around and fell soo hard.

No sore, no scar. Logic you can disregard.

Insta Post, Facebook status, Pinterest pin.

Another one on the list, Another one to end.


Lost again, lonely room, wondering why.

Over the hill, ready to consume, but why.

Vicious circle, should stop asking why.

Everything will work out, Just reach for the sky.