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Just For Me 12/6/2017 4:36am

Dom's Utopia

Just For Me 12/6/2017 4:36am

Dominique Thomas

I love my Godbabies! I have three.

1-2-3, Zoey, Eliza, Lola, those are my girls.

Hopefully some day I’ll be able to give them the world.

1-2-3, those girls were made just for me.

to adore,

to learn,

to change. 

It’s strange, I didn’t have any signal or warnings,

But now when I wake up I see their faces every morning.


1-2-3, they’re just cute as can be. 

They make me laugh,

The make me cry,

They open my eyes to everything around me.

Crazy that I’m talking about somebody else’s kids. 

They don’t share no blood with me. 

But, See we are linked by a brother from another mother. 

With VERY different beliefs, 

but we both believe you treat friends like family.


1-2-3, my babies are all I need. 

I was smiling while i wrote this. 

And I bet myself I’d be smiling during My reading to y’all.

See, all year long I’ve had a system to fall asleep. 

When I’m in bed I always count my blessings Instead of sheep.

And for me, those blessings always starts with, 1-2-3