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“A Heart That I Had” 09/09/18 8:40pm

Dom's Utopia

“A Heart That I Had” 09/09/18 8:40pm

Dominique Thomas

I remember how it felt. 

Clinging to the wheel, I could feel the pain. Speaking about the future, nothing felt the same.

Trying to convince the world that everything is different, but it’s not. It’s me. I had everything I wanted and needed, but the dark side had clouded the force. That forced me to use a vocabulary that I can’t even remember because it wasn’t true. I tried to crack the code and break a lock on a heart that I had no reason to let go. 

No. We aren’t done yet...

I believed that more then I believed Grass was green. I believed that more then I believed the sky was blue. I believed, but I weaved my way out of the drivers seat. The car ran me over as I laid on the pavement of anxiety. That moment felt like a bee sting compared to the aftermath. Now I’m sitting here with a missing limb because i never got that bee sting treated.

Fortunately Bees suffer after they attack. Unfortunately for me, I was the bee.