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“Basketball is Life” 09/12/18 3:48pm

Dom's Utopia

“Basketball is Life” 09/12/18 3:48pm

Dominique Thomas

I remember how it felt

I accepted it. Caught the ball and never planned on fumbling. 

Touchdown, onside kick, recovered. 

I was in a very familiar place, but I wasn’t playing this night. Usually had some catfish, but just wanted to enjoy the tunes and my better half this time. Greenbean blew the sounds that moved the crowd. The floor was full with each brand of life possible. 

Smoke in the air. Car? Cigarette? Reefer? 

No one knew or cared. This was a night so great, I wish that everyone else was there. I could feel the energy in the room, I felt like I was apart of a team that could win it all. No trades this season. This season was the jump start for new adventures. 

Swayed to the beat, and held on tight. Lights, colors, not a frown in sight. This was right, this was right. I wished that this was right. 

Football is fun, but basketball is life.