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“Exposed my Troublemaker” 09/05/18 12:39am

Dom's Utopia

“Exposed my Troublemaker” 09/05/18 12:39am

Dominique Thomas

I remember how it felt.

Never getting a shot, but today I couldn’t miss the hoop. 

Free, unchained, unprepared.

I can hear people laughing at the idea of kissing me. I can see people passing notes in class but never to me. Everyone on this trip had one thing on their minds, and it was to break the rules, but not me. There was no way I was gonna be put in a situation that exposed my troublemaker; well of course that was what I felt before dinner.

Eyes speared a hole through my skull, I had to pretend I didn’t notice, but it was obvious. I felt wanted, it still didn’t set in till I heard that sweet voice. It was just for me, no one else. Everyone else tried, but it fell in my lap. 

I was the choice,

I was the prize,

I was the back up singer who had to take center stage, and I was ready for that. 

I felt like I was walking on the sun, unburnt. 

I felt like I had jumped in a mud pie and walked out clean as a whistle. 

I felt like I would never get caught.

Lesson learned.