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“Nothing Was Real” 09/05/18 12:24am

Dom's Utopia

“Nothing Was Real” 09/05/18 12:24am

Dominique Thomas

I remember how it felt.

Standing in the wings.

The scene was set. I sang a new song every day, but the production never changed. People changing quick and lights flashing in their eyes. Nothing was real, it was all for the play. What more can i say, but this day John legend was the key. Whispers stir emotions that felt real, it felt like it wasn’t a play anymore. It felt like something real was coming to the forefront. Each day got better, but I wouldn’t let her know. It’s never clear where these feelings that could drown most come from. It seemed to stick around but it couldn’t; well it shouldn’t have. It was bad but why fight something that opened my eyes to the other side of the equation. 

Without this moment, life would be a lie.