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“Sweet Tea, Trains, Cigarettes and Flowers” 09/07/18 4:31pm

Dom's Utopia

“Sweet Tea, Trains, Cigarettes and Flowers” 09/07/18 4:31pm

Dominique Thomas

I remember how it felt.

Makes me smile thinking about it. 

I smiled and life took the off ramp to another neighborhood, it was new and I didn’t have a clue it was there. Walked up to the door, knocked, but realized it had been my home all Alone. Sitting on my new independence street, falling in love with my new surroundings. The grass was greener, the air was cleaner. My bucket list hadn’t predicted this wonderful check. I had checked into a mental rehabilitation center, each member was haunted by a ghost of there former selves. This center helped open my eyes to the possibility of positive relationships, honest relationships, lifetime relationships. This center was ran by a bar, and a few guitar solos. This center shot me out to the big time. NYC, LA, CHICAGO, HOW?


And Love is so real.

Otis Redding was there. So was Prince. 

Sweet tea, trains, cigarettes and flowers. 

The beer was cheap, and the wine was fine. 

No place stands above the home of my heart.