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“Those last 14 steps” 09/04/18 3:23pm

Dom's Utopia

“Those last 14 steps” 09/04/18 3:23pm

Dominique Thomas

I remember how it felt.

Nervous, excited, ready.

Smiling with every step I took. 

It didn’t matter to me who said what.

I was hooked and stuck.

The room smelled like saw dust and roses.

Scripts scattered around and the sound of people rushing off to enjoy a quick five.

I remember the walls were green and there was about 15 steps between us.

The infrared beams were locked and loaded.

It was simple then. I wanted to experience something I had never had before. My hands were shaking but in my pockets hiding. Each step brought me closer to the future. Just a kid with dreams and ambition. As I look back now, that attitude got me to finish those last 14 steps. It wasn’t scary at all, I was ignorant. I had no clue what would come next. 

I wanna feel that again.