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”All I do is Think about You” 12:55am 11/13/18

Dom's Utopia

”All I do is Think about You” 12:55am 11/13/18

Dominique Thomas

”All I Do is Think about You”


All I do is think about you

All I do is think about you

And it makes me sad,

because in the movies people would be so glad to see us end up together.

Doesn’t matter whether or not we are meant to be but you and me Can’t be.

What we should be.

That’s the only true route that I see,

Sucks to be me because I’m sure I’m the only dreamer.

Dreams of simple relationship things

Dreams I cling to but push away.

So unhealthy, but it’s human; is what most in the world would say.

You make me smile, I love when you are around.

Why can’t you just be down and we can turn this world upside down and make a couple little brown babies and live happier ever after.

Instead that void is filled with laughter of my inter thoughts.


Why do you have to be so, you.

Stevie wonder sings, all I do,

And all i do is think of you.

You’re getting to be all that matters to me.

And I hate to see this time between us go Opposite ways,

but you deserve the worlds best.

It’s a game of chess and I’m that weird shape that just goes straight.

Whatever you say i do, meaning I’ll never be bold enough to risk that bond.

But I’ll be loving you always.

If you should discover you feel like me

If you should discover this dream is for two.

That would break down a lot of walls, it would be new And scary.

But for you, I can’t say I wouldn’t light that candle.

I can’t say I haven’t prayed for it, once a day.

I can say you are worth that.

I know that because you’re all I think about.

Day in and day out.

All I do is think about you.