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Pretzels and Hummus 06/07/18 2:30am

Dom's Utopia

Pretzels and Hummus 06/07/18 2:30am

Dominique Thomas

The way I feel about you is deluded by one beautiful night. The waves were crashing and the stars above were dreamlike bright. We searched for mars. Spoke about our scars. Pretzels and hummus, Aretha Franklin playing. You spoke of your first kiss, I was captivated with everything you were saying.

I believed you, I admired you

I wanted you, I fell for you.

Not in love, but that thing before.

You wanted to take it slow, because of things before. Long honest conversation.

Couldn’t believe you had so much imagination. Maybe that’s the moment it became infatuation. I ignored all the signs, I embraced false temptation. You told me to my face about your lies. Yet I was thinking of ways to surprise you. Thinking of how to make you realize that I was worth your time.

You had won the game And I was to blame. It was a shame because I loved how you said my name. Same ol same ol, deer in headlights. Blinded by choice because I just wanted to be wanted. 


You embarrassed me and used me like a toy. Opened the curtain to Revealed a scared boy. Clinging to the idea you could make his dreams seem obsolete. 

Lucky for me she cheated and reprogrammed the mind of a wounded champ punching to the next round to “heartless”. I don’t feel bad saying you are horrible because you are. 



Yea I am.