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Dom's Utopia

I Think About Them 1/26/2019 12:37am

Dominique Thomas


I laid down and melted into my bed.

I thought about her.

I thought about him.

I thought about all of the stress I took in today and realized it all has affected me.

Last year was hard, but I’m the guy who helps others by saying “we gon make it”.

Who do I turn to when no body needs me?

Great song, and I guess no one.

That happens a lot.


Then a txt, Can we talk?

A call, I’ve had a bad day.

Girl gets into my lyft, my life sucks.

And all I can do is give a fuck.

Wow, I love and hate this because I do enjoy being here for people, yet I lay in bed wondering if people think about me as much as I think about them.

Does she think about me after she cries.

Did he think about me after he vented.

Am I gonna get a 10min feature in their brain tonight, or tomorrow or will it be after pain again.

Why do I care so much?