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Dom's Utopia

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That Face Loves Me 01/11/2018 2:20am

Dominique Thomas

You sit.

I sit.

No matter where or what we get.

You say.

I listen.

I pay attention.

We talk.

I hear you, I understand but more and more I drift away from the conversation. You think I’m uninterested, but that’s far from true. I’m crazy about you and that’s never the case. I don’t reply because I’m studying your face. 

I’ve loved and lost and those lost have stained my brain with crying faces.

Those all are in the past and I’m nervous that nothing will ever last, so you go on and talk talk talk.

I’ll admire your face.

That face I see everyday right beside me. That face that motivates my every step. That face that pushed me out into the world and helped me discover just what kind of man I strive to be. That face that loves me. I want to memorize that face and cherish that face and make that face apart of my life forever. I’ll always have that wonderful face in my mind to remind me just why I’m alive. 

Talk talk talk. I hear you and I understand. I just needed some time to memorize your face.

"I'm Blue For You" Nov 7th. 12:42am

Dominique Thomas

It's always you that come to mind. Your smile, your eyes, it's stuck on rewind. Replay then pause, and do it again. I could talk all day but I don't even know where to begin. It's clear to me what's next, what's true. But also I somehow don't have a clue. It's you, yet this is still new. I'm up, I'm down, I'm red, I'm Blue. For you, just you, And then all of them. My first, My past, my last, my best, my thrill, my curse, my dream, my next. What's that? You? Or just me...alone. Unmotivated, under appreciated, over confident, lost. Very obvious I have to work on me more. With that said, my hand is inches from knocking on your door. 


"Reaching for the stars" 08/26/2017 2:16pm

Dominique Thomas

You are the moon of my life.

Actually the sun.

Nothing shines as bright.

Nothing feels more right.


Tired of the stars so far away,

I need the closest one to lighten my day.

I need the breeze blowing soft and smooth

As we toast our glasses with some of the best beer ever brewed.


Clues to choose this unicorn are blinded by the curse of being born with a passion so deep for the stage that I throw away most of my money saved. Brave they say, but very lonely. Lost in my mind. Beginning to believe it's only I who can stand this kind of life. I strive for the best for me, and a partner tends to feel less likely. Stress is on my shoulders, but it's harder to carry as I get older. Money money money it makes me more hungry to achieve what I feel will move me towards a career in the future. Not so sure, but it's called an adventure for a reason. Give it a couple of seasons and I'll be closer to that star. Hopefully soon, but for now I'll continue to stare at the moon. 

Disgust 08/18/17 7:55pm

Dominique Thomas

a feeling of revulsion or profound disapproval aroused by something unpleasant or offensive


Disgust these days is spelled a little different,

T- for trust that's has grown sour

R-for ruthless attacks ever hour

U-for uneducated believers

M-for mindless leaders

P-for possibly the best thing that could have happened for this country.


We need to talk about these disgusting things in our past, present and future. 

We need to talk and clear up the things people grew to be use to.

Racism is a problem, a sickness created through generations.

It's something that shouldn't even be possible in any of gods beautiful creations.

Speak up, speak out and listen!

Try to understand the things you are missing.

If we don't talk we will remain in the dark.

And In the dark we will always be lost.

When we are lost we can not move in the right direction. 


Turn on the light and speak.

Thank you for your Smile 08/17/17 1:00am

Dominique Thomas

I find myself thinking about your smile.

I haven't felt this way in a while.

Smitten beyond repair.

No other smile will ever compare.


I'm sitting here with a scattered mind,

But your smile makes it easy to unwind.

I feel bad for those who did not see 

The love I hope to steal just for me.


I Usually can't escape my own way.

But with you I can't run out of things to say.

So pretty, so brave, so sexy, so new.

Give me 1 millions choices and I'll always choose you.


You created this path for me to walk free.

It's been so long that I'm jumping with glee.

I feel like me again.

I can finally see again.


Your smile was the key to knock down these walls.

I answer with a smile to unidentified calls.

The air smells great, and the sky's clear for miles.

Thank you soo much for bringing me that beautiful smile.

"I Only Have Eyes for You" 08/11/2017 2:54am

Dominique Thomas

Blurry lights blind my eyes, But when they clear I feel alive. Birds singing, bells ringing, hearts beating, you're eyes meeting mine.

Nothing compares.

I could stare at you and not think twice about it. All day long, All night long, Replaying the same old song. Magic you are. The brightest star. Jimi's guitar. Shakespeare's Juliet and yes it is I, the one who dreams of you. The one who believes in you. The one who can't see life without you, ever. As I stare I forget where I am, who brought me here, why anything else matters. When will I get to be with you again? I miss you already. I only know one thing about my future, and its you. I know you will make me better, I know others are just feathers on a wing floating away through the air. The wind blows but you're so graceful, so sure about life. I Stare at you. I stare at my life. My Future....

The First Kiss

Dominique Thomas

Looking back.....I’m a lucky bastard. I’ve had a lot of first kiss in my day, and each time brings different emotions to the forefront. I have some that ended better, some that went no where, some with woman I should have married, some drunk at a party with a girl that I don’t know(Sorry mama). With that said, The first kiss is maybe my favorite relationship moment. Now I know the back seat of a coach bus driving from Washington D.C back to STL with our mothers seating at the front of the bus is the perfect setting for a first kiss(Sorry mama), but my very first kiss wasn’t my favorite. NOPE. My favorite was in a black box, high school. Even I didn’t know it was coming. My best friend and I set it up perfectly. I saw her and her friend. I remember green costumes hanging on the rack, I smell a mix of shampoo and sawdust. Everyone just split away because it was our break during the rehearsal. I see her looking at me now with a smile. I’m looking directly at her. I tell my friend to play along. “I bet you I’ll kiss her”, “I bet you WONT!”....using our theatre voices to assure that she and her friend heard us. Even at this point I didn’t believe that I would kiss her. I stepped forward and MWAH! “I told you!”. I had a bigger smile then her! Who would have guessed she would be such a huge memory and part of my life, past and future...
— Dom Thomas

What is Love?

Dominique Thomas

What is love.... Thats the magic question... Is it an amount of affection... Or is it guidances and it the motion of emotions traveling within you brain...can it be trained? Is it only about what you claimed when you aimed your heart towards another, which that other may not have been ready for this brand new door to escape through.. Why go through when it may not be true? Should it always feel right and should it always be over the top... Its just so scary to think you could fall from the ceiling into the arms of nothing.. Should i always except a glove... Or should I wish to the stars above.. For this crazy thing we call love... But What is love?