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Dom's Utopia

Looking Up at You

Dominique Thomas

I'm crazy about this girl!!

I sit up at night staring high in the sky, wondering if I will ever be her guy. So sweet need to gather myself. Should sleep but can't. Hope my mother loves her. Could see them getting drinks together. Her smile is stuck in my head. I can smell her hair laying in my bed. Everything that we have said to each other seems so sincere. I just hope that we both can make it clear how much this is real. She's the first girl I've lost my chill with. I'm thirsty and need some water for my pil...low hogger to quench her mind to kind of rewind this desire and play it back one more time. I'm jamming the memories to the front of my brain. Want to hear her name out loud. Same old feelings I lost came back, but the prize is you. What's new? EVERYTHING. Can't bring up feeings till I accept them. Makes sense in my head, just needs to be reread. My emotions have bled through my pores and onto the shores of the future. Crazy, craziness I can't explain. Love has a way of keeping me unchained to the past. Just found that feeling I've needed at last. Never crash, just complete that pass and it will open the gates to a new class of life and appreciation. Attention to detail is a must, but don't over think too much. Such and such will always influence my drive towards goals. Just keep in touch and never lust for those who betray. Eyes on the pretty skys tonight and forever.



7-7-17 4:26am