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Dom's Utopia


Dominique Thomas

09/10/15 till forever

When you wish to the stars above, what do you wish for? Cars? Money? Fame? Wanna know what I wish for?

I wish that my brain actually knew what a normal life was. I have this image in my head of what normal is but I’m never gonna be there, I think normal to us is something we only dream about. Honestly, to a person on the street my life is no where near normal. I’m not gonna say I hate that but I don’t enjoy being in the dark all the time. I hate what I’ve built as normal in my head. I wish I could control-alt- delete everything and have a different mind set. I feel like these “lessons learned from my past” are actually bad habits that I can’t knock for some reason. I put myself in bad moods because of it and thats the worst.

Rant over