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Dom's Utopia

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The First Kiss

Dominique Thomas

Looking back.....I’m a lucky bastard. I’ve had a lot of first kiss in my day, and each time brings different emotions to the forefront. I have some that ended better, some that went no where, some with woman I should have married, some drunk at a party with a girl that I don’t know(Sorry mama). With that said, The first kiss is maybe my favorite relationship moment. Now I know the back seat of a coach bus driving from Washington D.C back to STL with our mothers seating at the front of the bus is the perfect setting for a first kiss(Sorry mama), but my very first kiss wasn’t my favorite. NOPE. My favorite was in a black box, high school. Even I didn’t know it was coming. My best friend and I set it up perfectly. I saw her and her friend. I remember green costumes hanging on the rack, I smell a mix of shampoo and sawdust. Everyone just split away because it was our break during the rehearsal. I see her looking at me now with a smile. I’m looking directly at her. I tell my friend to play along. “I bet you I’ll kiss her”, “I bet you WONT!”....using our theatre voices to assure that she and her friend heard us. Even at this point I didn’t believe that I would kiss her. I stepped forward and MWAH! “I told you!”. I had a bigger smile then her! Who would have guessed she would be such a huge memory and part of my life, past and future...
— Dom Thomas