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Dom's Utopia

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"You Are Mine to Lose" plus meaning behind the song

Dominique Thomas

Music by. Dom Thomas and Michael Harvey

Lyrics byDom Thomas


       Vocals: Dom Thomas

       Piano: Michael Harvey

       Percussion: Brandon "Bo" Harvey

       Electric and Bass guitar: Christopher Jones

I wrote this song with my ex girlfriends all in mind.  This song is more of an image of how it feels when i'm head over hills for a girl.



Dominique Thomas

09/10/15 till forever

When you wish to the stars above, what do you wish for? Cars? Money? Fame? Wanna know what I wish for?

I wish that my brain actually knew what a normal life was. I have this image in my head of what normal is but I’m never gonna be there, I think normal to us is something we only dream about. Honestly, to a person on the street my life is no where near normal. I’m not gonna say I hate that but I don’t enjoy being in the dark all the time. I hate what I’ve built as normal in my head. I wish I could control-alt- delete everything and have a different mind set. I feel like these “lessons learned from my past” are actually bad habits that I can’t knock for some reason. I put myself in bad moods because of it and thats the worst.

Rant over

What is Love?

Dominique Thomas

What is love.... Thats the magic question... Is it an amount of affection... Or is it guidances and it the motion of emotions traveling within you brain...can it be trained? Is it only about what you claimed when you aimed your heart towards another, which that other may not have been ready for this brand new door to escape through.. Why go through when it may not be true? Should it always feel right and should it always be over the top... Its just so scary to think you could fall from the ceiling into the arms of nothing.. Should i always except a glove... Or should I wish to the stars above.. For this crazy thing we call love... But What is love? 




"Me and You"

Dominique Thomas

One and two

me and you

what we do

stay true stay true


Through all the loops

 we jump and scoop

just trying to make

 that last second hoop


Insane yet sane

Our love remain

And everlasting chain

Connecting brain to brain


My heart your heart

What beautiful art

Still cool still smart

Nothing will tear us apart


Work hard play hard

Past days left me scarred

Never for me to disregard

My future days are starred


With you and me

Together we will be

Always filled with glee

This bright future I see