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Dom's Utopia

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That Face Loves Me 01/11/2018 2:20am

Dominique Thomas

You sit.

I sit.

No matter where or what we get.

You say.

I listen.

I pay attention.

We talk.

I hear you, I understand but more and more I drift away from the conversation. You think I’m uninterested, but that’s far from true. I’m crazy about you and that’s never the case. I don’t reply because I’m studying your face. 

I’ve loved and lost and those lost have stained my brain with crying faces.

Those all are in the past and I’m nervous that nothing will ever last, so you go on and talk talk talk.

I’ll admire your face.

That face I see everyday right beside me. That face that motivates my every step. That face that pushed me out into the world and helped me discover just what kind of man I strive to be. That face that loves me. I want to memorize that face and cherish that face and make that face apart of my life forever. I’ll always have that wonderful face in my mind to remind me just why I’m alive. 

Talk talk talk. I hear you and I understand. I just needed some time to memorize your face.

Two Way Path

Dominique Thomas

Everything that I do is for you. I moved from the east to the west. I flew back and forth just to do what I had to do so that life would be easier and new. Why would you question my love. How could you answer "Will you Marry me" with "I can't do this". Who flipped the switch. How could you switch over night. How can I make this right! These Hot days in July can make fights boil, but not like this. What did I miss? You and I have something above most. My best friend had already prepared the toast. Smiles full of love occurred yesterday from you beautiful face, now that's not the case. Now you need space. Now you need to leave this place. Now it's not worth another moment. Now you want me replaced. Nobody ever wants to admit they were wrong, how could we last for so long and end so quickly. Did you lie to me? Was this a game? Because I'm starting to feel like I'm not the blame for your actions. It seems like you're communicating another conversation that I was never a part of. I told you my feelings but your feelings were balled up. Why fight. Please just be the light I need, Or admit I was just around to appease your greed for everything. Let me walk away with the truth. Because everything I've said is loose without my other half pulling the noose. 


Dom 7-12-17 3:08am

To The one I'll Love

Dominique Thomas

Dear Love,

First and foremost, I love you more then you will ever know. You're the reason for my hearts everlasting glow. I had started to think you weren't possible. Through the years my path was steering through so many obstacles, but the stars aligned and pulled you near. That special moment you appeared made my heart stop. Not at first sight, through tunnels I eventually saw the light. So bright! It shined and slam, wham, bam, I'll be damned; You made it right. I never ever wanted to fight. Never needed to. It was easy. Thank you. I convinced myself it wasn't a thing. Love would never bring me happiness. I'd be depressed and drowning in sadness. Relationships failed. Divorce to my family is normal. Why Should I be different. Why would I believe you existed? I still don't. You are still an image in my head, but I love that jpeg. It makes this letter that much sweeter. You and I sweet as pie. No lie no lie. It makes me cry. I would die for you. 

I'm writing this because I witnessed my biggest fear with love. A poisoness relationship. I never want to see the day that another person wants to see me give up hope. You would never do that to me and I want to acknowledge you for that.

Thank you for showing me that I'm too hard on myself. Thank you for proving that my life isnt going to be like another life. Thank you for convincing me that I was correct in not settling. Thank you for believing me. Thank you for trusting me. Thank you for being the best friend a guy could ask for. And finally Thank you for the smile on my face as I write this letter. 

Love, Love, Love,

Dom 7-11-2017 3:49am

Looking Up at You

Dominique Thomas

I'm crazy about this girl!!

I sit up at night staring high in the sky, wondering if I will ever be her guy. So sweet need to gather myself. Should sleep but can't. Hope my mother loves her. Could see them getting drinks together. Her smile is stuck in my head. I can smell her hair laying in my bed. Everything that we have said to each other seems so sincere. I just hope that we both can make it clear how much this is real. She's the first girl I've lost my chill with. I'm thirsty and need some water for my pil...low hogger to quench her mind to kind of rewind this desire and play it back one more time. I'm jamming the memories to the front of my brain. Want to hear her name out loud. Same old feelings I lost came back, but the prize is you. What's new? EVERYTHING. Can't bring up feeings till I accept them. Makes sense in my head, just needs to be reread. My emotions have bled through my pores and onto the shores of the future. Crazy, craziness I can't explain. Love has a way of keeping me unchained to the past. Just found that feeling I've needed at last. Never crash, just complete that pass and it will open the gates to a new class of life and appreciation. Attention to detail is a must, but don't over think too much. Such and such will always influence my drive towards goals. Just keep in touch and never lust for those who betray. Eyes on the pretty skys tonight and forever.



7-7-17 4:26am

"You Are Mine to Lose" plus meaning behind the song

Dominique Thomas

Music by. Dom Thomas and Michael Harvey

Lyrics byDom Thomas


       Vocals: Dom Thomas

       Piano: Michael Harvey

       Percussion: Brandon "Bo" Harvey

       Electric and Bass guitar: Christopher Jones

I wrote this song with my ex girlfriends all in mind.  This song is more of an image of how it feels when i'm head over hills for a girl.


What is Love?

Dominique Thomas

What is love.... Thats the magic question... Is it an amount of affection... Or is it guidances and it the motion of emotions traveling within you brain...can it be trained? Is it only about what you claimed when you aimed your heart towards another, which that other may not have been ready for this brand new door to escape through.. Why go through when it may not be true? Should it always feel right and should it always be over the top... Its just so scary to think you could fall from the ceiling into the arms of nothing.. Should i always except a glove... Or should I wish to the stars above.. For this crazy thing we call love... But What is love? 




"Me and You"

Dominique Thomas

One and two

me and you

what we do

stay true stay true


Through all the loops

 we jump and scoop

just trying to make

 that last second hoop


Insane yet sane

Our love remain

And everlasting chain

Connecting brain to brain


My heart your heart

What beautiful art

Still cool still smart

Nothing will tear us apart


Work hard play hard

Past days left me scarred

Never for me to disregard

My future days are starred


With you and me

Together we will be

Always filled with glee

This bright future I see