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“Cake or Onion, Oil or Rust” 10/03/18 3:48pm

Dom's Utopia

“Cake or Onion, Oil or Rust” 10/03/18 3:48pm

Dominique Thomas

A dead rose on the side of the road

Only tells one half of the story.

One side was happy 

The other side worried

One half talking

One half flirting 

One half grounded

The other half exploring.

Choose your side because we all no what’s happening.

This concept is almost boring,

because this show isn’t new; Its been on the road touring.

Shes ready

He’s not

He’s ready 

She’s not

They talk 

We talk

We know it’s a hot mess

Yet, they stress.

What’s next?

One half crying 

One half hopping from party to party 

The other half moving too fast 

One half forgetting the past

Both parties making decisions no one should ever make.

And at the end of the day they’re still waiting for that quake.

Waiting for the other to send them that txt.

What’s next?

Everyone knows.

But in the moment we’re all on our toes.


Think strongly about this union.

Are you a cake, or an onion?

Think strongly about this you must.

We’re you the oil or the rust?

Think honestly about this relationship.

Was your goal the donkey or the spaceship?

Honesty is key because the truth shall set you free.

Don’t be ashamed, at some point everybody is just looking for some donkey.

You’re job is to own up to the truth for both parties. Not for them, but for you.

If you’re the rust, knock it off and get into the oil business.

If you are the cake, go find that icing. These onions stink. Let them greasy ass burgers deal with that.


Never settle for persistence.