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"I Only Have Eyes for You" 08/11/2017 2:54am

Dom's Utopia

"I Only Have Eyes for You" 08/11/2017 2:54am

Dominique Thomas

Blurry lights blind my eyes, But when they clear I feel alive. Birds singing, bells ringing, hearts beating, you're eyes meeting mine.

Nothing compares.

I could stare at you and not think twice about it. All day long, All night long, Replaying the same old song. Magic you are. The brightest star. Jimi's guitar. Shakespeare's Juliet and yes it is I, the one who dreams of you. The one who believes in you. The one who can't see life without you, ever. As I stare I forget where I am, who brought me here, why anything else matters. When will I get to be with you again? I miss you already. I only know one thing about my future, and its you. I know you will make me better, I know others are just feathers on a wing floating away through the air. The wind blows but you're so graceful, so sure about life. I Stare at you. I stare at my life. My Future....