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"A Master of None" 10:25PM 10/11/2017

Dom's Utopia

"A Master of None" 10:25PM 10/11/2017

Dominique Thomas

I find myself wondering about the future a lot. Don't care to push to develop the plot. Sad in the corner thinking who is the one? Noticing more and more that I'm a master of none. I sing and I act but I'm too hard on myself. Always imagining what's it's like with wealth. Money, money, money. That's the way the song goes. Totally over just chasing random hoes. No fun when it's not sincere. No trust is my biggest fear. Just finished my beer, now I want to disappear.  Great set, yet I'm alone and defeated. Love is needed. Motivation, inspiration.

Always been able to pump up my tude, But lately I've been rather rude to myself. Whose got the juice, why not set my animal loose. 


Maybe I've created an elusion that's not in my favor.